Five Reasons Why We Love Frida Kahlo

Like ‘a ribbon around a bomb.’ Explosive and merciless, delicate and sophisticated

• Born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón, she decided to drop the e and the rest of her name in 1935 - SASSY AF

• When her husband had an affair with her sister, Cristina, she changed her own name to Cristina to win him back and then had an affair of her own - SASSY AF

• On the day of her first solo exhibition in Mexico, Frida was on bed rest and had been ordered by her Doctor to stay at home. Instead she made an ambulance take her to her exhibition and arranged for her bed to be placed in the gallery - SASSY AF

• Frida Kahlo painted 143 pieces. 55 of them were self portraits. - SASSY AF

• She shaved three years off her life and told everyone she was born in 1910 because she wanted the start of her life to begin at the same time as the Mexican revolution - SASSY AF

What a shero. A woman who was only known as Diego’s wife for most of her adult life, affectionately immortalised forever in our Frida collection.

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