Tory Spice

Hello everyone, 


In light of the recent news about the Spice Girls we have decided that we will no longer be making or designing any more ‘power’ pins or accessories. 


At a time when women need ‘Girl Power’ more than ever, with domestic violence on the rise, consistently being denied our fundamental rights and the continued gender wage gap; we are deeply disappointed in the band. 


Under Tory austerity it is suggested that women will have borne the brunt of an unbelievable 85% of the burden of the government’s cuts to social security and tax changes by 2020, the waiting time for Universal Credit that is being rolled out across the country literally forces women to rely on abusers controlling the household budget and the tories 'rape clause' in their child tax credit cut is perhaps the cruellest and most shocking manifestation of how the cuts are harming women. 


This isn’t People Power. 


All of our Spice Girl tees and totes have now been taken offline and there will be no re-stocks. The remaining pins will be sold in our sale on Black Friday with profits being donated to food bank charities in the UK. 


I apologise for the sombre tone of this post. As children growing up in the nineties; Laura and I felt so empowered by the girls. 

This week, however, we are despairing.

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